Halloween Edition – Bag Raiders on: LA living, live sets vs DJ sets and upcoming studio time

Jack Glass as Skrillex, Desiree Ann as a cop & Chris Stracey as Prince Frog

If you have not heard of Australians own, Bag Raiders, then I suggest you get yourself a copy of their first self-titled album, and listen to it from beginning to end. Chris Stracey & Jack Glass are no stranger to the music scene, as they have been in the circuit for some years already internationally.  Their delightfully infectious sounds definitely got the crowd going at the Collaborative Media’s Halloween Event that took place at the Vanguard in Hollywood last Friday. The duo treated us to an all live set with some of the finest synthesizers, drum kits, and cowbells around, all topped with the perfect vocalizations of lead singer, Chris Stracey. I got the pleasure to sit down with the guys and get updated with the progress of their new album and recording in Silverlake.

Desiree Ann: You guys have been touring nonstop, I heard like five years?

Chris: Well it feels like five years but it’s only been over a year, touring is like a time whirl like a fast track. I feel like we’ll be 29 tomorrow then 73 next year.

Desiree Ann:  You get to travel the world!

Chris: Yeah it’s great.

Desiree Ann: I can only imagine it to be exhausting though, I heard in a recent interview that your stop in Germany was pretty much show and sleep.

Chris: Ooh, no sometimes we have a day off.  I remember that day in January, nobody left the hotel room. The only time we left was when we were drinking beers and eating burgers at night.

Desiree Ann: How’s the recording process for the new album here in LA.

Jack: We found a great studio in Silver Lake. We are just starting to set and build it up, we have been here a week and once we get there it will be amazing.

Desiree Ann: Did you get all your instruments shipped here?

Chris: Yeah we brought out the best ones. We have a big collection and couldn’t bring them all but we have the few choice pieces. It’s kind of good to limit ourselves; it’s good to really get to know our instruments.

Jack:  We have a Kazoo.

Desiree Ann:  I have a Xylophone if you want to borrow since I’m in the neighborhood near Malos!

Chris: Cool, that taco place?

Desiree Ann: Yes! Dollar Taco Mondays!

Chris: I had dinner there

Desiree Ann:  It’s hipster central!

Chris: I didn’t know I had a bunch of hipster tacos. (laughs)

Desiree Ann: Are you thinking of moving to LA? I heard that Chris is kind of a nomad these days.

Chris: We are going to be writing here, so it’s as good as any place.

Jack: He’s a nomad because he has no house.

Chris: You’re a nomad too.

Jack: Right, but someone is house sitting for me.

Desiree Ann: No pressure, but when do you expect the next album out?

Jack: We are hoping towards the end of next year or maybe the full album at beginning of the following year.

Desiree Ann: Do you guys have some songs mapped out?

Jack: Yeah we’ve been writing but nothing really good. It’s hard for us, were so use to being in our studio, having our keyboards, feeling the knobs and stuff, nerding out (laughs)

Chris: That’s like our past time now, feeling on the instrument knobs, were like “ahhh”

Desiree Ann: Are you getting inspired by your DJ sets?

Jack: Not really, when we DJ we just play a bunch of house music.

Chris: It would be kind of cool to have a track like that.

Desiree Ann: Do you guys have a new appreciation for DJs now that you have been playing sets?

Chris:  Oh yeah, we have been touring for a long time, and then to have a DJ set you feel amazing. You don’t have to carry 10 crates around, no sound check, we can wake up late and we can get as drunk as we want.

Jack: Yeah, I wouldn’t say an appreciation for DJing but an appreciation for us having to DJ. I don’t want to say that we didn’t take DJing seriously, but…We didn’t take DJing seriously. It’s great to be doing it more often and get the crowd going.


Desiree Ann: What do you think about artist for example like, Calvin Harris where they go from performer to DJ because he caught on to the fact that he can probably make as much money from doing one than the other?

Chris: I feel like it gives you an opportunity to focus on something else.

Jack: I think it’s great to have the option. We are lucky that we can experience both, it keeps it interesting.

Desiree Ann: Where do you see dance music in the future?

Jack: Yeah, you know it’s not our favorite type of music, but there’s always room for more music.

Chris: The club world is such a big world. We’ve been doing this for a few years and we have never been to let’s say Ibiza, but I would like to check it out. I feel like there’s so much of different type of music on offer.

Desire Ann: I hope you guys to continue with the live sets! I enjoy live sets other than DJ sets any day!

Jack: Yeah, that’s true. You are right. It does take more work but in the end I would rather see a band instead of a DJ set.



More Bag Raiders Halloween Photos HERE

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